Are you happy with your partner?

25 November 2014 ·

How to sleep

How do you sleep with your partner or with your boyfriend? It 'a question that might look insignificant but can indicate your degree of happiness together.
According to a team of psychologists, in fact, there would be a close connection between the positions that the couple takes while sleeping together and their status of happiness.

DETACHED BUT IN CONTACT When the couple sleeps separatly, but keeping a point of contact (such as holding hands or touching a foot), they want to maintain a certain degree of autonomy, while wanting to be connected to each other anyways. Touching and caressing is a sign of great teamwork and harmony.

SLEEP EMBRACED symbolizes a good status of happiness. This position means that the couple is solid and very happy.

THE SPOON POSITION The couple sleeps like two spoons: the woman sleeps in a spoon like position and the man hugs her from behind. Or vice versa.This position has the same meaning of the one before: a very happy couple.

SLEEP ON A SIDE  This position means that in the couple there is a great desire of independence. Usually this means that the couple communicates forcefully.

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