How to recover your password

28 June 2016 · Ander Uribe

Steps to recover your password:

1.- Access the following page to login and then click on the link next to 'forgot your password'


2.- On this page enter your email. The one that you used when you registered in Clasf Pakistan.


3.- You will receive an email with a new password. Copy and past this password in the login page. Keep attention, because the system differentiates between capital letters and small letters. You don`t have to enter the one in the following picture (is an example).


How to change the password

If you want to change the password that we sent you by email you should pay attention to the following steps:

1.- Enter to the login page with your email and the password that we sent you in the email.

2.- Go to the tab 'My account' and enter the password that you want. After that, press the button 'update'


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