9 things you need to do to sleep well

02 October 2014 ·


We all know how important it is to sleep well. A bad night can make us feel awful for the whole day and affect our ability to work. Here we will give you 9 rules you must follow to rest well:


1) Sleep at least 7 hours but no more than 9

2) Do not keep your mobile next to the bed

3) Do not take your laptop or tablet with you when you go to sleep. The light comming from the screen might disturb you.

4) Never read you email before sleeping or when you wake up

5) Do not watch TV before sleeping. If you fall asleep while watching TV, the flashing light comming out of the screen might wake you up.

6) Drink your last coffee maximum at 5 pm

7) Do not drink alcohol before going to bed. Wine can make you fall asleep faster but can cause you bad dreams and a restless sleep

8) Do not sleep with your pet. Cats and Dogs might wake you up during the night

9) Do not snooze the alarm

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