There is a village in India where everyone is a bodybuilder

17 December 2014 ·

India and body builders


For centuries, agriculture was the main source of income of the inhabitants of Fatehpur Beri Asola-in, northern India. Today, however, it is not like this: 90 percent of the men in this Village (which now has about 50,000 inhabitants) are door men or bodyguards, who work mainly in clubs in big cities like New Delhi.
"In this city there is not even a single a guy who does not go to the gym," says an instructor, "All of them exercise and pay a lot of attention to their body. Nobody drinks nor smokes ". Many of the boys start with wrestling when they are young, in hoping to go to the Olympics games, but in most cases the dream does not come true.
Anyways being a door man is not a bad thing: the pay is $ 25 per day, which is not bad compared to the average of the salaries in the same area.

To be a doorman, guys need to have an athletic body and a clean criminal record: "Sometimes people think that we are criminals or ex-convicted" says one of the doormen who live in the city, "but one who is engaged in training twice a day, morning and night, does not commit any crime. Discipline encourages us to have a good behavior towards others. "

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