Free Classified ads in the world

30 May 2014 ·

Classified ads in the world

The Clasf team, website of free classified ads, has made a comparative study between countries in order to determine what is sold and posted the most in every area of the world, there where  classified ads sites are present. Our staff considers interesting to show the various statistics obtained for the different countries and to show how each region uses classified ads.

The countries studied are: Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Canada, South Africa, India and Pakistan. Here above is shown the graphics with the most popular categories in each of them.

Pakistan: among all the countries present in this study Pakistan is the only one to have as the main category Computing with the 23 %. The following categories are Real Estate and Phones with a 16 %. In pakistan everything that is relates with technology is very popular. People like to buy and sell phones and laptops.


Spain: In Spain the most popular category is Real Estate, with apartments for rent or for sale. A 37% of all ads belongs to this category. In the second position we find the category Vehicles with the 19 %. Spaniards in general largely use free ads sites for buying and selling second-hand cars. In third place we find Home and Garden.


Italy: In this country, the category which is in the first position is vehicles, as well as happens in many countries in Latin America. In the second position we find the Real Estate category with 16% of all ads. In the third place we find the category Fashion.


Portugal: In Portugal, the 21% of the ads are related to the category Home & Garden. In second place we find the ads relating to the category Vehicles. The sections Fashion and Leisure are in third and fourth place respectively with the 14.5 % and 14.03 %.


France: In France the category Home & Garden is by far the most popular with 30% of ads posted in total. In this category we find mainly articles needed in every house, such as: tables, chairs, sofas, household appliances (blenders, washing machines, coffee machines, …) and gardening tools. In the second position we find Fashion and in fourthVehicles respectively, with the 11% and the 10 %.


Venezuela: what is sold the most in Venezuela through online free ads are Vehicles with about the 26 %. The sale of mobile phones and the related category Phones are in second position with a 22 %.


Argentina: In Argentina we find Vehicles in the irst position, with a 26% of ads, exactly as it happens in many other countries in South America. In second place we find the category Real Estate with a 21% and in third house and garden with a 11 %.


Brazil: In Brazil the category with more visits is home and garden, with almost the 30% of ads in total. In the second and third position are Vehicles and real estate. In Brazil the use of free ads sites is quite common.


India: In India the category with more ads is Fashion, where we find clothes and accessories. In the second position are the Vehicles and almost on the same level is the Computing category, where there are mainly mobile phones and laptops.


England: In England we find Fashion in the first position, with the 19% of the ads. Immediately after we have  the category Home and Garden with the 17 %. The two successive in order of importance are Leisure and Vehicles.


Mexico: Vehicles are the most sold item in Mexico with the 23 %. After the Vehicles we find Real Estate ads with the 18 %. Unlike other countries, in this case the category Fashion has no relevance whatsoever.


South Africa: With great detachment compared to the others, the category with more ads is Vehicles. Second-hand cars represent the 34% of the total of the ads. In second position we find Real Estate with the 22% .

South Africa

Canada: In canada the category Fashion has the 14% of the ads becoming the most relevant, as happens in India and England. In the second position is the category Services with the 13% and in the third Games with the 10 %.


Colombia: As happens in many countries in South America, the category in first position is Real Estate at the same level as home and garden. In second place we find Vehicles.


Peru: Following the trend of other countries in South America, in Peru the most popular category is Vehicles with the 17 %. In second place we find Fashion, unlike in other south American countries where this category is not important. Image and sound also has a significant number of insertions withe the 13 %.


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