Original Ideas for your garden

27 November 2014 ·

Is your balcony too small to grow plants? The answer is no, it is never too small. There are thousand of orignal ideas to use space in a creative way and grow a forest in your house!

You can create a vertical garden or make a garden our of recycled forniture. Here you have some tips:

1) Vertical garden: 

Vertical Garden

Did you ever think that you could grow plants on a vertical garden?. You just need some plastic bottles, hooks, nails and hammer.  You can hang your garden on the wall.

2) Flip Flops garden

Flip Flops garden

What about using Flip-Flops to hang your plants? This is a super original idea and very low cost.

3) Use your old pants

Old pants

Here's another ides about how to re-use your old clothes to grow plants.

4) Old furniture

Old furniture

Do not throw away your old furniture. Use it to grow a colorfull garden!

5) Use a wall organizer

Wall Organizer

This idea is suitable only for small plants but it is anyway very interesting.

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