How to eliminate cellulite in a natural way

19 November 2014 ·


Cellulite is a nightmare for all women. It is not only very unsightly but can be a sign that we are not eating well and we need to do more sport.

It is quite rare to find a woman who does not have cellulite, so do not feel bad for having it, it's pretty common. However, there are natural remedies and some simple tricks you can implement to reduce it.

Some tips to fight cellulite are:

Lower the quantity of salt that we consume: the salt makes us retain more fluids.

Use the stairs more: whenever possible, choose the stairs instead of the elevator. This way you will activate blood circulation, which helps defeate cellulite.

Reduce the power of heating : Excessive heat and artificial winter heating is not good for circulation and dilate the capillaries.

Eat well: Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and stay away from processed sugar and saturated fats. Some foods that help fight cellulite are bananas, cauliflower, avocado and spinach.

Drinking water: when you wake up, drink a glass of water at room temperature, this will eliminate toxins and give your digestive system w good balance. Stay hydrated throughout the day.

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