Lamps made with bread

01 August 2014 ·

Bread Lamps


The Japanese artist Yukiko Morita has two passions which seem irreconcilable: bread and design lamps. Somehow she managed to combined the two, creating her own line of products and transforming the bread into lamps.

Her products are called panpshades from Pan (the Japanese word for bread) and lamp shades (table lamps). She had got the idea when she was in college and was eating some bread. She ate bread on the inside, but leaving the cortex intact. When the light hit what remained the idea came out.

Finding the perfect formula has not been easy, Yukiko did more than 300 prototypes to create the perfect technology to build these unusual lamps. The lamps use small LED light bulbs (it is impossible to create these products with regular incandescent bulbs).

What started as a hobby is now becoming a job: Yukiko lamps are highly appreciated for the uniqueness of each piece.

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