Bye bye privacy

07 November 2014 ·


Whatsapp changes its ways and waves goodbye privacy. 

Everybody is talking about it, the most famous app in the world just introduced a new update.: the double blue tick, that informs if the message sent has been red. 

To summarize: the double tick corresponds to "message sent" two blue ticks to "message red".

A real tragedy for all those who wanted to pretend not to have red the message, perhaps to avoid being disturbed. Now, as pointed out by many on Twitter, there is no escape. 

But this update raises another problem: what about privacy?

It's true, we love to keep in constant communication, we publish whole pieces of our lives on social networks, we spend hours stalking other people's profiles. Our concept of privacy is, in this historical moment, very much confused.

But the problem remains unsolved, we dont want to lose the last piece of confidentiality we have left: the ability to lie. Especially when it comes to little lies that are good for our peace of mind.

What do you think?

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