A Porsche with ... pedals!

06 June 2014 ·

An australian man Johannes Langeder enthusiast is proud od his golden Porsche, even if the top speed is significantly lower than what this supercar normally has.

Langeder's car barely reaches 10 of 15 km/h maximum. The reason behind this is that the car works with pedals and  has been built with cardboard (with excellent results) and with the chassis of some bicycles, using plastic tubes to give shape to the body.


"It has 24 gears and in the end I can drive my Porsche too," says Langeder, it has taken six months to create his Porsche, with a cost of approximately 13,000 euros, a quantity that is significant but surely less than the 150,000 euros approximately which is the value of the Porsche GT3 to which the pedal car is inspired.

Pedals 2

The result, we have to admit, is very interesting, so much that most of the times Langeder is stopped by the police, thinking that his is a real one. But the pedals vehicle not only catches the police attention: people often stops to have a look and to try to understand the nature of the vehicle. Langeder participates also to various events in Europe: "I want to make people see that a car can work also without petrol" he explains.

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