This course is an examination of automotive heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, with a focus on identification of malfunctioning parts and the repair of these systems. Students will diagnose the heating and air conditioning system and determine necessary action for unusual operating noises and inoperative conditions. Students will diagnose temperature control problems and failures in the electrical controls of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems and determine necessary action. Prerequisites / co-requisites: AUTO-155.
1.Complete work order to include customer information, vehicle identifying information, customer
concern, related service history, cause, and correction. P-1
2.Identify and interpret heating and air conditioning concern; determine necessary action. P-1
3.Research applicable vehicle and service information, such as heating and air conditioning system
operation, vehicle service history, service precautions, and technical service bulletins. P-1
4.Locate and interpret vehicle and major component identification numbers. P-1
5.Performance test A/C system; identify A/C system malfunctions. P-1
6.Identify abnormal operating noises in the A/C system; determine necessary action. P-2 2
7.Identify refrigerant type; select and connect proper gauge set; record temperature and pressure readings. P-1
8.Leak test A/C system; determine necessary action. P-1
9. Inspect the condition of refrigerant oil removed from the system; determine necessary action. P-2
10.Determine recommended oil and oil capacity for system application. P-1
11.Using scan tool, observe and record related HVAC data and trouble codes. P-1
The Automotive Air Conditioning Maintenance Certificate is designed to prepare the student for employment in industry, servicing modern automotive air conditioning systems.Air conditioning theory, refrigerant handling, and practical hands-on experience are emphasized.This training assists the student in preparation for national ASE A7 and EPA 609 certification.
Today’s automotive repair technician has a monumental challenge before him or her to keep abreast of the
constantly changing technical advances in the automotive industry. The technician has to comprehend
information on the new Hi-Tech electrical systems, the ever- changing mechanical technology and
improved materials, which make up a modern day vehicle. The automotive technician has to determine what
component part or parts are performing incorrectly by using meters, gauges, and computer test equipment.
The technician will need to be able to repair the customer’s vehicle as quickly as possible. Increased vehicle sales caused by the increasing population means increased use of automobiles. Automotive repair
technicians are very desirable employees in the current and future workplace. They command high salaries
for their expertise of diagnosis and repair of the automobile.
iploma In Car Ac Technician are talented experts who perform car Ac. An Ac Technician has some expertise in taking care of customer's fingernails and toenails. They offer guidance on nail care and item choice. Truth be told, he can be viewed as the most significant piece of the critical procedure begun by a specialist alongside the other human services staff. It is said that once the beginning is well then the end will undoubtedly be well. It is here where a lab expert assumes its terrifically significant job. At the point when some sort of uncertainty falls in specialists' brain or when he needs to mention his objective fact hundred percent sure that should be. Along these lines, the job of the specialist is viewed as extremely pivotal and critical to begin an actual existence sparing procedure of a patient.
International College of Technical Education.
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Rawalpindi, Pakistan 46000.
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