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Spoken English course in Rawalpindi,Spoken English course in Rawalpindi,Spoken English best course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad. International college of technical education is best training institute for that course.admission open for boys and girls,for more detail o3115193625.Students for whom English is a second language of communication have many challenges when speakingEnglish. Although they develop good vocabulary and learn to use sentences with minimum grammarmistakes, their pronunciation leaves much to be desired. However hard they work, the students cancorrect their pronunciation only with the help of a professional English trainer. Unless this happens,their listeners will not understand them and proper communication will not be happening.This course gives any student correction and guidance right from the basic diagnosis of individual.pronunciation discrepancies to refining one’s conversational and presentation skills.
At our Spoken English Institute, we are committed to giving you a great and a different English learning experience with ensured results, which other spoken English classes might struggle with.Whether you wish to start learning English as a beginner or you are a student, Executive, Housewife, we have the right Spoken English course for you, making you speak fluent English with neutral accent guaranteed!Our Spoken English course is designed by experts at Let’s Talk specifically to meet the needs of people who struggle with English speaking skills, making a frustrating experience for both themselves and the listener.Furthermore, Our Spoken English classes will help you learn new English vocabulary, refine your English pronunciation and make you communicate in real life situations.In short, if you have very little knowledge of English and would like to speak more naturally – the way it’s really spoken – then this Spoken English course is perfect for you.There’s no one “best syllabus.” It varies from people to people. Only after you know the level of your audience the teaching strategy can be decided. Generally learners are divided into three categories:Beginner,Intermediate,Advance.Spoken English can be best learnt through listening to people speaking correct English and then speaking the same way when you have a conversation with people. It’s all about close observation with a zeal to learn. Good listening skills will help you the most.Hope it helps!With growing technology English language can easily be learnt online. Our classes are flexible and convenient. Get started. Here how it works – Each of the 25 carefully designed English lesson plans will cover a topic that you are most likely to deal with your own daily life – Everything from a personal introduction, introducing others, shopping, to meeting friends and much more.In today’s cosmopolitan world, English plays a vital role, as it is the common language which connects different people from various parts of the country and world.English is the global language today. It has widened the scope of opportunities for everybody, whoever speaks English. Knowing this language helps everyone to connect to the larger world everywhere, be it day-to-day conversation, receiving education or working globally.Good spoken and written communication not only improves quality of life but also improves confidence of the individual in providing access to all good benefits in life.English has emerged as the most sought after language for any advanced academic purpose or for securing any job in the foreign shores. So having a proper knowledge of English is perhaps the most important acumen a person can think of acquiring today. The Basic English Course is designed to help the students learn English giving more emphasis on speaking skill.we first and foremost try to instil that belief in students that communicating in English is no rocket science and it is the practice and approach that matters the most in making one excel in it. Our training modules are comprehensive, cohesive and consist of activity oriented interactive sessions dealing with a lot of Ice Breakers and Tongue Twisters which help the trainees get over their fear and scepticism of speaking fluently in English.An intermediate level student has generally enough knowledge of the language to branch out to more specific English courses, such as Business English or English for Academic purposes . It usually comprises of a mixed group consisting of students, professionals from tier II cities who have problems in speaking in English fluently; business men, entrepreneurs etc- basically the course caters to people who have a basic ability to understand and communicate in English, but need to brush up their expertise to have an effective though not fully perfect use of the same.This Basic English Language course aims at helping students develop a positive, constructive and practical approach to effective written and oral communication for educational and self improvement. The purpose of the course is to build confidence among the students and encourage them to write and speak proper English.
Reading and Writing

Write personal emails in English to your friends and family.
Write formal letters to English-speaking companies, government departments, etc.
Write job application/ prepare C.V.
Reading and comprehension tools.
Reading English short stories
Writing activities through picture stories.
Grammar and Vocabulary

Introduction to parts of speech.Using articles: a, an, the
Using can, can’t to describe ability, e.g. I can’t play guitar.
Using comparative adjectives, e.g. museums are more interesting than parks.
The difference between countable and uncountable nouns, e.g. some bread/a slice of bread.
Using demonstrative adjectives, e.g. Are these your keys? Yes, they are!
The going to future, e.g. What are you going to do next week?
Using imperatives, e.g. Water the plants every day.
Uses of must and have to, e.g. Do I have to do my homework?
The past simple of the verb to be, e.g. Were you at the party yesterday? No, I wasn’t.
Using possessive adjectives, e.g. our favourite subject is grammar.
Different question types, including yes/no questions, short answer questions and wh-/how questions.
Using the present continuous tense, e.g Are you having dinner? No, we’re having lunch.
Using the present simple with subject pronouns, e.g. I am, you are, she is…
Building up English words of daily usage with correct pronunciation, e.g. heart& hurt
Understanding the concept / application of tenses in English.
Speaking and Listening

Recognize and use internationally-used English language greetings and introductions.
English speaking exercises.
Listen to English language radio broadcasts/Audio stories in English
Successfully communicate with English-speaking employers in a job interview.
Effectively describing ‘ Myself’ (introduction, interests, aims, daily routine)
Describing others, e.g. my sister loves to stay at home.


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Spoken English course in Rawalpindi
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