Description Price: Rs 4,411.00 Date: 11/01/2022 Location: 2nd Floor, Building M10, Central District, High-tech Industrial Park, Nanshan Di RFH 532nm green laser cutting iphone13 explosion-proof tempered film Website: http://www.rfhtech.com Whatsapp(Wechat): 18928466502 Email: export06@rfhlasertech.com The transaction volume of iPhone 13 on the Internet has been increasing recently. In addition to the attention of fans, the media, the public and technology enthusiasts are very concerned about it. Seizing the opportunity of the launch of the iPhone 13, many mobile phone film manufacturers began to prepare for the launch of the iPhone 13. Automatic explosion-proof film glass cutting machine manufacturers especially like a 532 green laser The mobile phone explosion-proof tempered film is a material composed of a polymer structure. It has very high requirements for cutting. The cut product needs to be accurately fitted on the mobile phone screen and fully conform to the size of the screen. As a result, this is not ordinary The standard that the cutting technology can achieve. The RFH green laser has unique insights in the cutting of tempered films. The non-contact cutting method only needs to move the emitted light spot on the surface of the tempered film, so that the low-temperature cold light source can be cut. It only takes a few seconds to cut a tempered film, which greatly speeds up the entire production line. How to cut the tempered glass of mobile phone to make the edge smooth? This 35W green laser is enough The cutting of the tempered film by the green laser does not require the participation of other materials, it can be realized only by plugging in, and the cutting that relies on the participation of the computer system can meet the highest requirements of the input drawings. The minimum precision of the cut product is about 0.2 mm, which is completely attached the screen of the phone. In addition, the green laser will not produce dust, ink and other pollution during the cutting process, and it is a complete green technology technology product. RFH Nanosecond Green Laser The release of the iPhone 13 has made many mobile phone accessories manufacturers gear up. RFH, which is involved in cutting and marking technology, has reached order agreements with many companies to technically support the development of customers.    


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RFH 532nm green laser cutting iphone13 explosion-proof
RFH 532nm green laser cutting iphone13 explosion-proof 0
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