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About a child's Intellectual Disabilities?

Intellectual disability is a term used when a person has certain limitations in mental functioning and in skills such as communicating, taking care of him or herself, and social skills. These limitations will cause a child to learn and develop more slowly than a typical child. Children with intellectual disabilities may take longer to learn to speak, walk, and take care of their personal needs such as dressing or eating. They are likely to have trouble learning in school. They will learn, but it will take them longer. There may be some things they cannot understand well or perform willingly and accurately
Child's Intellectual Disability Main Causes

Doctors have found many causes of intellectual disabilities. The most common are:

Genetic conditions. Sometimes an intellectual disability is caused by abnormal genes inherited from parents, errors when genes combine, or other reasons. Examples of genetic conditions are Down syndrome, fragile X syndrome, and phenylketonuria (PKU).

Problems during pregnancy. Intellectual disabilities can result when the baby does not develop inside the mother properly. For example, there may be a problem with the way the baby's cells divide as it grows. A woman who drinks alcohol or gets an infection like rubella during pregnancy may also have a baby with intellectual disability.

Problems at birth. If a baby has problems during labor & birth, such as not getting enough oxygen, he or she may have an intellectual disability.

Health problems. Diseases like whooping cough, the measles, or meningitis can cause an intellectual disability. Intellectual disabilities can also be caused by extreme malnutrition (not eating right), not getting enough medical care, or by being exposed to poisons like lead or mercury.
Intellectual disabilities are not diseases. You can't catch an intellectual disability from anyone. Intellectual disabilities are also not a type of mental illness, like depression. There is no cure for an intellectual disability. However, most children with an intellectual disability can learn to do many things. It just takes them more time and effort than other children
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