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Human resource management (HRM) is the process of hiring, training, rewarding, developing policies for, and developing strategies for retaining talent. As a field, HRM has undergone many changes over the last two decades and plays an even more important role in today's organizations. HRM used to mean processing payslips, sending birthday gifts to employees, arranging company outings, making sure forms were filled out correctly, and so on. In other words, HRM was a managerial role rather than a strategic role critical to the company's success. At the beginning of this text, I must point out that every manager has a role to play in HR management. Just because we don't hold the title of HR Manager doesn't mean we don't take on all, or at least some, of her HRM tasks. For example, most managers consider employee compensation, motivation, and retention, so these aspects are not only part of HRM, but also part of management.
Key Features of Human Resources Management
1. Recruitment of employees
Recruiting is about identifying talent shortages in your company and finding the right people to fill those positions. The employee recruitment process he divided into four phases.
This involves defining various aspects of the job through job descriptions and specifications. Through job descriptions, Human Resources departments identify the duties required for a particular job, as well as the requirements a person needs to perform that job. Sourcing – This includes various techniques companies use to attract potential candidates for a particular position. This can be achieved through internal and external advertising.
Screening and Selection – This is the process of evaluating candidates applying for the position. Evaluations are conducted to identify the skills, qualifications, competencies and work-related experience that potential candidates bring.
Selecting the Right Candidates – Once the best candidates have been selected, the next process is onboarding. This only helps new hires become productive members of the organization.
2. Orientation for employees
Another core function of HR management is employee orientation. Also known as onboarding, it is the process of instilling the necessary skills, knowledge, and behaviors in a new employee to ensure an effective transition to the new company. Employee orientation is a comprehensive process conducted by HR departments and is conducted using a variety of methods including lectures, meetings, videos, mentoring and team building exercises. The main purpose of orientation is to provide new hires with relevant information about the company's goals, rules, policies and activities. 3. Employee development
Employee development is defined as all efforts to improve individual, team and organizational effectiveness. One aspect that HR departments care about is talent development. The aim is to match the employee's skills to the company's needs. In addition to recruiting, training and orienting employees, HRM must also improve employee career opportunities. Basically, it is more economical to improve a company's current workforce than it is to hire new ones in the future. Employee development is therefore a trade-off where HR management saves money by avoiding the potential cost of hiring new employees.
Human resource management is the process of recruiting and developing employees for a company. The Human Resources department is responsible for identifying talent shortages within the company, posting job openings, evaluating potential candidates, and recruiting top talent.
HR management is more than just hiring new employees. It also oversees layoffs for companies looking to downsize. The Human Resources Department also oversees an orientation program to familiarize new hires with the company's goals, objectives and policies. All in all, HR management is all about ensuring that your employees work smoothly within your company.


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Human Resource Management Course in Muzaffarabad Bagh
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