Price: Rs 4.200.000
Rs 4.200.000
DHA Housing project is being developed between Bosan Road and Mattital Road on hundreds oc acres of land. While master plan has yes to be finalized

DHA Multan File 1 Kanal For 32 Lacs
please let me explain some basic things about DHA Multan project.
Total size of project = 72000 Kanal
Land in possession till today = Approximately minimum 40000 Kanal
Land needed for 1st ballot of many parietal future ballots= 36000 Kanal
Town planning for 1st ballot already completed .Each allocated file issued till ballot day will be included in 1st ballot regardless of Moza location.
Pure military project that is “NOT” a private developers & DHA partnership. Just like Lahore DHA proper in DHA Multan 1 kanal file issued only after DHA gets possession and title of 4 kanal agriculture land. No land no files. Moza locations is not important so don’t pay more money to dealers for better moza locations. All files have equal worth in ballot. This Mouza location trick is used since long by dealers to get more money for their own pockets. Any one saying this Mouza is good you better hang up phone quickly. You are dealing with a wrong dealer that will cheat you big. He is not looking for your profit and worried about how he can extract more money in addition to commission from you.
Superb location precisely positioned in extreme nearness to Bosan Road, Northern-Bypass and Bahauddin Zakaria University.Also very close to DHA Multan are Wapda Town, Women University, Khanewal Road in addition Daewoo MultanTerminal is also few minutes’ drive away.
Multan Metro Bus construction is also ongoing upto DHA Multan.
DHA Multan main entrance gate and main boulevard with green belt is currently already under development whose pics are attached.
MOU and many contracts are already signed for Golf course country club and 1000s DHA villas with many large major companies.
Best and speedy team running the show. Very closely watched by Corp Commander Multan too. Almost monthly visits by Corp Commander to site see progress of DHA Multan development and land purchases.
DHA Multan current price is 32 lacs (Minor up & down possible) . In addition to price you will pay Rs 6500 for transfer fee plus Rs 50000 for membership fee to DHA Multan office.
DHA Multan have one of the most secure transfers in any DHA in any city that protects buyers a lot but if you are trying to save 2000 or 3000 by dealing with non registered new get rich quick type cell phone only no office holder dealers DHA Multan can’t help you at all. Only you will be responsible for your loss of token money or other problems in deals. DHA Multan dont even allow non registered dealers inside its offices so you can imagine what will happen if you get into trouble. Since its very immature market at this early time there have been many reports of frauds involving people advertising low prices on Internet and than disappearing with your token money just to buy a new SIM and start looking for their next victim.
Plzzzzzzz always deal with only DHA authorized reputed dealers. Be extra alert when someone offers you lower than market going rates in all place. Only depositing money in bank is not enough safety for you. When these cheater disappear Banks refuse to give you any data of account owners without a court order. For one or two lac cheated mostly expatriate people avoid to go to courts or police etc because they know getting back money will be imposible.
TECHNO ASSOCIATES offers one of the most secure deals and transfer in DHA Multan. This is main reason we transfer more DHA Multan files every month than all other DHA Multan dealers combined.
You will give two lacs token money to TECHNO ASSOCIATES to initiate the transfer procedure . You will also give buyers CNIC copy with two pictures .it takes normally 5 working days to complete the transfer procedure i.e intimation letter after the issuance of intimation letter you will have to deposit the membership fee i.e 50000 at DHA also you will clear all outstanding dues to us to hand you over the original intimation letter. DHA Multan will give you appointement of normally 5 working days after the submission of membership fee to collect the allocation letter.
For the collection of allocation letter you will have to bring along the original intimation letter and sale deed 2 attested copies of your CNIC as well as original CNIC and 2 photographs in white background you will must reach DHA Multan office in morning hours as DHA Multan transfers are only done at Multan office. You can collect your allocation letter at the time appointed by DHA or whenever you visit Pakistan next time. DHA Multan intimation is an official letter that tells you all transfer requirements for DHA Multan are completed and you are a new owner.
. Your file is actualy now ballot ready.Since you don’t pay any rupee to us rather your advance until transfer is complete and you actually get an intimation letter .
For DHA multan you can get intimation letter and allocation letter in ONE day, if you pay an urgent fees of PKR 31,000/- and the buyer is physically present in DHA multan office to give biometric/fingerprint.
At this time only one kanal is available. Commercial files are not available yet. 5,10 marla files will be available in future. Installment plots and DHA Villas very likely to be offered in very near future.
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