Specifications for Apple ipad Mini 5 Here is the specifications for Apple ipad Mini 5. General Specs b'/xc2/xa0'Operating system b'/xc2/xa0' iOS 12 b'/xc2/xa0'VGA out b'/xc2/xa0' No b'/xc2/xa0'Screen size b'/xc2/xa0' 7.9-inch b'/xc2/xa0'RAM size b'/xc2/xa0' 3GB RAM b'/xc2/xa0'Internal storage space b'/xc2/xa0' 64GB b'/xc2/xa0'4G b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Dimensions b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Dimensions (WxHxD) b'/xc2/xa0' 5.3 inches x8.0 inches x0.24 inches b'/xc2/xa0'Weight b'/xc2/xa0' 0.66 pound b'/xc2/xa0'Links b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Product page b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Manual b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Miscellaneous b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'release year b'/xc2/xa0' 2019 b'/xc2/xa0'Storage b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Internal storage space (type) b'/xc2/xa0' Built in b'/xc2/xa0'Memory card readers b'/xc2/xa0' No b'/xc2/xa0'Compatible memory cards b'/xc2/xa0' No b'/xc2/xa0'Including memory card b'/xc2/xa0' No b'/xc2/xa0'Maximum amount of memory b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Internal storage space b'/xc2/xa0' 64GB b'/xc2/xa0'Processor b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Graphics processor b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Graphics processor type b'/xc2/xa0' Apple GPU (4-core graphics) b'/xc2/xa0'Processor core type b'/xc2/xa0' Embedded M12 coprocessor b'/xc2/xa0'Processor speed b'/xc2/xa0' 2.49GHZ b'/xc2/xa0'SoC (System on Chip) b'/xc2/xa0' A12 Bionic chip b'/xc2/xa0'Type of processor b'/xc2/xa0' 64 bits b'/xc2/xa0'Power supply b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Battery capacity b'/xc2/xa0' Built-in 19.1-watt-hour b'/xc2/xa0'Battery life b'/xc2/xa0' Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi?Fi b'/xc2/xa0'battery type b'/xc2/xa0' lithium?polymer b'/xc2/xa0'Memory b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Memory Speed b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Type of memory b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'RAM size b'/xc2/xa0' 3GB RAM b'/xc2/xa0'Image properties b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Backlight b'/xc2/xa0' Retina display b'/xc2/xa0'Pivot function b'/xc2/xa0' No b'/xc2/xa0'Type b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Scratch resistant display b'/xc2/xa0' No b'/xc2/xa0'Screen resolution b'/xc2/xa0' 22048x1536 b'/xc2/xa0'Simultaneous touch points b'/xc2/xa0' Simultaneous dual band b'/xc2/xa0'Type of technology b'/xc2/xa0' Finger+ Stylus b'/xc2/xa0'Screen size b'/xc2/xa0' 7.9-inch b'/xc2/xa0'Features b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Built in GPS navigation b'/xc2/xa0' Yes b'/xc2/xa0'Integrated geotagging b'/xc2/xa0' Yes b'/xc2/xa0'Type of GPS b'/xc2/xa0' A-GPS b'/xc2/xa0'Built-in internet services b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'General b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Buttons b'/xc2/xa0' Home/Touch ID sensor, On/Off Sleep/Wake, Volume up/down, b'/xc2/xa0'Operating system b'/xc2/xa0' iOS 12 b'/xc2/xa0'Design b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Colour b'/xc2/xa0' Silver, Space Gray, Gold b'/xc2/xa0'Decoders b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'FM radio b'/xc2/xa0' No b'/xc2/xa0'Supported audio files b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Supported image files b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Supported video files b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Connectors b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'HDMI b'/xc2/xa0' HDMI adapters" class="text-muted"> No b'/xc2/xa0'Headphone output b'/xc2/xa0' Yes b'/xc2/xa0'Microphone input b'/xc2/xa0' Yes b'/xc2/xa0'S/PDIF out b'/xc2/xa0' No b'/xc2/xa0'USB b'/xc2/xa0' No b'/xc2/xa0'VGA out b'/xc2/xa0' No b'/xc2/xa0'Compatibility b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'DLNA certified b'/xc2/xa0' No b'/xc2/xa0'Type b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Dockable b'/xc2/xa0' Yes b'/xc2/xa0'Keyboard dock included b'/xc2/xa0' No b'/xc2/xa0'Communication b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Speed (down) b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Type b'/xc2/xa0' 802.11a/b/g/n/ac b'/xc2/xa0'Support media sharing b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Web and email functions b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Support for IP technology b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Supports NFC b'/xc2/xa0' No b'/xc2/xa0'Network connection b'/xc2/xa0' No b'/xc2/xa0'IR b'/xc2/xa0' No b'/xc2/xa0'Frequency band b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Built-in FM transmitter b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Version b'/xc2/xa0' v5.0 b'/xc2/xa0'Bluetooth profile b'/xc2/xa0' Bluetooth 5.0 b'/xc2/xa0'Bluetooth b'/xc2/xa0' Yes b'/xc2/xa0'Speed (up) b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'HSPA b'/xc2/xa0' No b'/xc2/xa0'4G b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'5G b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Wireless network b'/xc2/xa0' Yes b'/xc2/xa0'Camera b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Lamp b'/xc2/xa0' No b'/xc2/xa0'Built-in camera b'/xc2/xa0' Yes b'/xc2/xa0'Auto focus b'/xc2/xa0' Yes b'/xc2/xa0'Built-in flash b'/xc2/xa0' Yes b'/xc2/xa0'Flash type b'/xc2/xa0' Retina Flash b'/xc2/xa0'Digital zoom (still image) b'/xc2/xa0' 3x video zoom b'/xc2/xa0'Efficient numbers of pixels b'/xc2/xa0' 8-megapixel photos b'/xc2/xa0'Maximum resolution (still) b'/xc2/xa0' 1080p b'/xc2/xa0'Number of cameras b'/xc2/xa0' 2 b'/xc2/xa0'Resolution 2nd Camera b'/xc2/xa0' 7 Mega pixel b'/xc2/xa0'Video recorder b'/xc2/xa0' Yes b'/xc2/xa0'Digital zoom (video) b'/xc2/xa0' 3x video zoom b'/xc2/xa0'Maximum number of fps when recording b'/xc2/xa0' 240 fps b'/xc2/xa0'Maximum resolution (video) b'/xc2/xa0' 1080p HD video recording b'/xc2/xa0'Audio features b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Built-in microphone b'/xc2/xa0' Yes b'/xc2/xa0'Built-in speakers b'/xc2/xa0' Yes b'/xc2/xa0'Warranty 1 Year Intarnationalb'/xc2/xa0' b'/xc2/xa0'Price 109,999 - PKRb'/xc2/xa0'Price in Pakistani Rupees


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Apple ipad Mini 5
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