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3d Studio Max Courses Rawalpindi d course in 3d max course. This course was totally 3d design3d max course in rawalpindi software. this use this field in artitecture field and mechanical field in 3d max. 3d studio max is design for autodesk company.This 3d max course is specially design for autocad students in field of interior and exterior work in 3d max. this 3d max course start to a 1 option of modeling in for example chair table sofa and and other modeling in 3d max. 3d max course is next option of setting of room in interior work and last stage of rendering in interior in 3d max course. 3d max is better rendering of third party use of vray install and use of tool in rendering of interior project in vray 2.0. 3d max course is use of main work exterior work in import of house and setting of house use of material and tree car and other setting and exterior project in 3d max and rendering of vray. 3d max vray is good result. 3d max course in start a new batch in coming Monday. 3d max course outline LESSON 1 – Interface • User Interface • Viewpoints • Command Panel • Viewpoint UI Elements LESSON 2 – Files & Objects • Scene File Manipulation • Simple Geometry Creation & Pivot Points • Object Orientation • Modifying Standard Objects • Selecting Objects • Organization of Objects in a Scene LESSON 3 – Transforms • Transform Tools • Transform Base Point • Coordinate Systems • Align • Cloning Objects • Other Transforms LESSON 4 – Applying Modifiers • Concepts of the Modifier Stack • Modifiers • Noise • Collapsing the Stack LESSON 5 – Low-Poly Modeling • Objects and Sub-Objects • Sub-Object Levels • Smoothing Groups • Using Subdivision Surfaces LESSON 6 – Shapes • Shape Definitions • Basic Shape Creation Functions • Editing Splines • Adding Splines from a Shape • Segment Editing • Vertex Editing • Using Shape Modifiers LESSON 7 – Compound Objects • Booleans • ProBoolean Operations • Lofts • Scatter Tool LESSON 8 – Modeling Lab • Creating an Underwater Scene LESSON 9 – Animation Basics • 2d vs 3d Animation • Time • Keyframeing • Auto Key and Set Key • Track View • Time • Ease in / Ease out • Arcs • Secondary Action • Anticipation • Follow-through & Overlapping • Squash & Stretch • Exaggeration LESSON 10 – Hierarchies • Mechanics of Movement • Linking Objects • Schematic View • Hierarchy LESSON 11 – Character Anim. • Biped • Skinning the Character • Motion Panel • The Mechanics of a Walk Cycle • Animation Principles LESSON 12 – Animation Lab • Planning the Animation • Attack of the Pawn • Animating the rook • Analysis the Rook LESSON 13 – Materials • Introduction to Materials • The Matrial Editor • Material Types LESSON 14 – Using Maps • Maps in Material Definitions • Map Types • Displating Maps in Viewpoint • Mixing Maps LESSON 15 – Mapping • Mapping • Unwrap UVW • Render to Texture LESSON 16 – Cameras • Camera Types • Framing a shot • Camera Lenses • Camera Aspect Ratio • Camera Angles • Perspective • The Moving Camera LESSON 17 – Lighting • Light Types • Lighting Techniques • Light Lister LESSON 18 – Mental Ray • Mental Ray • The Arch & Design Material • Lighting LESSON 19 – Rendering • Rendering • Time Output • Ouput Size • Ram Player • Batch Render Course Fee: 12000/- Duration: 2 Months 3d max course For More other information Call Now: 0311-5559404 3d max course in rawalpindi, 3d max course in islamabad, 3d max course in lahore, 3d max course in pakistan, pk institute start a 3d max course. This course was complete 3d modeling for example chair, table, sofa, bed, and other modeling in using of 3d max. 3d max course is basic level and advanced level course with first of all modeling in use of box tool and line tool to create a different parts of table, next majur subject of exterior work 3d max then use of exterior work in impart of autocad 3d file in setting of meterail in house in 3d building in 3d max, 3d max course in included of meterail in use of house and making of good look in house and then use of tree and rood and cars and other parts 3d max is making of autodesk. 3d max then main impotent of vray rendering of then use of setting in vray 3rd parity, 3d max course in full training of exterior work and interior work in use of market work in 3d max, this 3d max course in 2 months full training of pk institute.pk institute all over the training are provided by autodesk pk institute is certified professional and the courses are designed in such a wy any one student learn in 3d max. pk institute this 3d max course in designed to give you all the required skill to create a 3d modeling in use of 3d max. throughout of the 3d max course, student will be taught the


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