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Shorthand and English Typing Advance Course in Rawalpindi Bahria Town , Shorthand and English Typing Advance Course in Rawalpindi Bahria Town , Gregg Shorthand is the most widely used version of shorthand in the world. Since its inception in 1888, millions of professionals from all walks of life in nearly every country have used it. The Gregg system of shorthand is not only considered the most efficient, it's also thought to be the easiest to learn, use and read -- simple, straightforward and elegant in design.This course addresses the newest version of Gregg Shorthand, which is the Second Edition “Simplified.” You'll find that by learning this system of shorthand your work will become much easier and the knowledge you have obtained will give you valuable access to numerous positions in the business world.Silent Letters S-Z and A, F and V E, N and M T and D O, R, L and H Omission of Minor Vowels The Left S and Z P and B, K and G Sh, Ch and J Long l A, Ä and -ing E, I, Obscure Vowels The Th Sound Brief Forms Phrases O, Aw The "Ses" Sound T for to in Phrases X Principals of Joining Summary Review Questions
2. Useful Shorthand Devises:

Practice Program Brief Forms Words Beginning with Ex Words Ending with –tion, -cient, -ciency, -tial Amounts and Quantities Disjoined Past Tense, -er, -or Brief Forms Using "Been" in Phrases Able in Phrases Word Ending –ly, -ily, -ally Oi Words Ending with –ure, -ture, -ual, -tual Word Beginning Re-, Be-, De-, Dis-, Des-, Mis- Brief Forms Long i and a Following a Vowel La, Ea Joining of Hooks and Vowels Principals of Joining Summary Review Questions
3. Nine More Strokes, topics:

OO Hook Wh Sound Brief Forms Word Ending –ther W in the Body of a Word Ah, Aw and Y Brief Forms Omission of Short U The sounds of Ng and Ngk Brief Forms Rd and Ld Combinations Principals of Joining Summary Review
4. Six New Alphabetic Characters topics:

The U Soun Brief Forms The Combination of Ted Ded, Det and Dit Men, Mem, Min Mon, Mun, etc. Nd, Nt, Md and Mt Omission of Minor Vowels U Represented by OO Days of the Week Months of the Year Cities and States Omission of Ow before N Omission of Ow between N-N Omission of Ow in Moun Words Beginning Per, Pur, Pro Word Ending –ment, -ble Summary Review
5. Useful Word Beginnings and Endings topics:

Word Ending –ship, –cal, -cie, -self, -selves Word Beginning After- Jent and Jend Def, Dif, Div and Dev Tive, Tif Word Beginning Electr- Electric Word Beginnings Inter-, Intro- Enter-, Entr- Word Beginnings Short-, Ship- Useful Business Phrases Is Not, Was Not in Phrases Age in Phrases Want in Phrases


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Shorthand and English Typing Advance Course in Rawalpindi Bahria Town
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