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Lahore (Punjab)
Middle East | East & West Africa| Asia / Europe / China FCL /LCL Shipment By Air & Sea Customs Clearance Transportation, Truck Trailer, Pick up 3 ton, & 7 Ton, 10 Ton, Cross Trade Shipping /Warehousing 20'STD & 40'HC Container Import and Export Break Bulk Cargo / RORO Car Export Warehousing Service In FZE / outside Cross Sutting inside FZE/ Contact us: call or whatsApp: 00971528416492/00923338215137 E:Mail: marketing@rffshipping.com Views: 3
Islamabad (Islamabad Capital Territory)
Transocean International Pvt Ltd is the Packing Moving, Custom Clearing, International Freight Forwarding & Logistics Company. Our Srvcs Include: Packing Moving Loading Unloading services Car Transportation Services Warehousing & Storage Services Goods Insurance Services Relocations Origin services of Air & Sea shipments with Custom clearance Destination services throughout Pakistan Distribution Logistics Support Specialized Transport Packing And Moving Of Household and Office Goods Custom Clearance International Freight Forwarders Air Freight Sea Freight Project Cargo Heavy Equipment Import And Export Shipments of products Logistics and transport Services Door To Door Services all over World Best Regards, Arslan Haider Malik Transocean Int'l (Pvt) Ltd A Company of Hajvairy Group Head Office: Hajvairy Mansion, 3rd Floor, 22-B West Blue Area P.O Box , Islamabad, Pakistan / Afghanistan cell: - Tel: - Fax: - Branches: Karachi - Lahore - Peshawar - Sialkot - Faisalabad - Multan - Islamabad A WORLD CLASS SERVICES PROVIDER.... Call me at: .
Type Language Classes Assalamu'alaikum Warohmatullahi Wabarokatuh How its possible to become a student ? () Dear Sir / Madam Are you not Satisfied From Your Home Qur'an Teacher ? Qur'an Teacher For Home Just In Islamabad. We are Ready to provides you and your family members Qur'an Clases with grate & excellent Service at your Home. Qur'an Classes with understanding through the knowledge and wisdom of our professionally trained tutors. We cover from basic to enhanced Qur'an learning which includes topics like: Qur'an Reading for beginners. Qur'an Reading with Tajweed. Quran Reading with Tarteel. Qur'an Memorization. Qur'an Translation. Quran Tafseer (Arabic, Urdu.Punjabi Pushtu & English). Prayers, Dua's and Memorization of the holy quran (Hifz). Arabic Teacher For Quran Teaching.Urdu,English,Panjabi,Pushto Online Quran Classes Assalam-o-Alaikum my sweet brothers & sisters:Please Must Share To All Muslims Jazakallah Plz Online Quran Teacher is an Online Islamic center for providing online Quran tutoring service that enables you & your kids to learn to read the Holy Quran with Tajweed at your desired time and days with live Quran teacher. Our lessons are equally beneficial for kids and adults. All you need is a computer with headphone and internet connection. We have students all over the world They are learning Online Quran & Islam UK.USA,AUSTRILIA,CANADA,MALISSIA and INDONASSIA.They are learning online easy way of learning joins us for 3 days free trial. Who can learn:Learning to read Quran does not entail any age limitations, restrictions and boundaries. Anybody can learn to read Quran. The only prerequisite is that the intending student should have access to broadband internet connection and a Desk Top or Lap top computer with headphone and microphone. The process is very simple and self explanatory, however, we will make a presentation to show you how threading session actually proceeds. You may like to benefit from our unique offer of a 3 days free trial for evaluating the usefulness of our online reading Quran lessons. No registration fees One on one class per student. You can learn to read Quran at your own Place. You select your time and day. Affordable monthly fee. No age limitation. Essential Equipments: Picture. Personal Computer (PC) or Laptop. Headset with a microphone. Dsl/Broadband internet connection. Skype (Free and safe Audio software). You may download these software from our website free of cost. Courses: Norani Qaida. Quran Reading. Practice of The Alphabets Of The Letters. Reading with proper articulation. Memorization of Quran. Teaching of Recitation with proper articulation. Namaz.Duas,Kalmas. Basic Islamic Teaching. Degrees: Degree of Hifz-ul-Quran Degree of Tajweed-e-qirrat. I have good system of Online Quran Teacher. I have 5 years experience on this field. Register Now For Live Online Qur'an Classes.Join Us. Yahoo Messenger,Facebook,Twitter, Skype Name Is qarionline4teaching
A professional institute of the Holy Quran, nourish of minds, souls and hearts with the feed of extremely true book of Allah. progressive way of learning the Holy Quran recitation (Nazra), memorization (Hifz), with the proper rules of pronunciation (Tajweed) Nourani Qaida awareness of humanity in the light of Quran and correct narration (Hadees) of Prophet (PBUH) basic Islamic education about the pillars of Islam like prayer (Salah), keeping fast (Saom), Hajj, charity (Zakat) with absolutely righteous professionals Islamic Scholars. Over academy is an excellent program that enable kids, adults and new Muslims all over the world to Learn Quran with Tajweed from highly qualified Quran tutor. You can try three FREE no obligation trial lessons to evaluate our online Quran service. Muslims of all sects are agreed to learn and get the knowledge of the Quran. Thus, Quran learning comes naturally for most of them but exceptions are always there. There are still millions of Muslims who do not know even the ABC of Quran and want to learn Holy Quran but due to unavailability of qualified Holy Quran Teacher online they are deprived to do so! The Internet technology has abolished all types of barriers in information and learning processes and Learn Quran for kids program is one of them! We use state of the art technology to connect students and teachers for live sessions. We ensure that each student learn Quran according to Tajweed rules. . The mass benefits 01 One to one classes. 02. Online at home, through skype with screen sharing. 03. Opportunity both kind of the teacher male and female. 04. Children education under the parental guidance. 05. No walk out of door and come back. 06. Easy approach to get any kinds of information about your children’s. 07. Using latest internet technology and software. 08. Three days FREE trial classes. 09. Special discount for multiple family members. 10. Experienced and knowledgeable teachers in their fields. 11. Care about fix timing with each student. 12. We strive to prefer the education of kids as much as possible. 13. Back up classes are available if any class is missed undeliberately. 14. So little chance to be absent from class, even you can get the lesson while traveling. 15. Financial savings of traveling. 16. Lesson is taught in four languages (Arabic, English,Urdu and Poshto) . NUTSHELL SYLLABUS IS GIVEN BELOW : 01. Nurani qaida (basic grammar of recitation) 02. Recitation of the Holy book. 03. Tajweed ( rules of pronunciation) 04. Basic Islamic education for kids. 05. Basic ethic’s education. 06. Quranic Arabi. 07. Translation of Holy Quran. (tarjama) 08. Explanation of the Holy Quran. (tafseer)

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