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Queen anna coins

Karachi (Sindh)
british india 18th century coins 2 east india company half anna coins + 1 queen victoria half anna coin in very cheap price all 3 pieces for 800 only. calls and mobile msgs only Views: 35
king edward, king george 5, King george 6 quarter anna's 250 rs ka aik. Queen victoria quarter anna's and east india company quarter anna's also available.
Lahore (Punjab)
I have a Unique collection of Coins Including Saudi, British Indian and Pakistani coins. Here is some details about these coins. 1)- Saudi Coin of 1 Qarsh issued in 1357 Hijri (1936).This coin was issued very soon after the Establishment of Saudi Kingdom in 1932. 2)- East India Company Coin: This coin was issued in 1835. This is A quarter Anna Coin. This is really a very unique 184 years old coin. 3)- British India Victorian Coin: This is another very rare coin and issued in 1896 with a picture of Queen Victoria on front. This is one quarter Anna Coin. 4)- British India Coin of 1905: This is another Rare coin issued in the reign of King George 7. This is a one quarter Anna coin. 5)- British India Coin of 1913: This coin issued in reign of King George 8. This is a one quarter Anna coin. 6)- One Pice coin of British India 1944: This is one Pice coin of British India. This is another Rare coin. In 1940's one rupee had 64 pice in it. 7)- Set of Pakistani coins: 2 coins of 1 pice (1963 and 1966) and 2 coin of 5 pice (1966) of copper. All these 4 coin belong to United Pakistan before 1971 with Bengali written on them. A 50 pice coin of 1980's and a 50 pice coin issued on 100 Birthday of Qaid e Azam in 1976. 8)- Set of different coins: A Saudi coin Issued in 1398 Hijri. A cent of USA issued in 1975 and a penny of UK issued in 1988. Now all these coins are in a very low price of only 55,000 rupees. Market rate of these coins is high. Please only serious buyers contact me. Views: 18
Karachi (Sindh)
aik pie: rs/coin anna: rs/each George V aik rupiya: rs/each george v 2 anna: /each queen victoria aik rupiya rs/each king edward aik rupiya /each
1/12 Anna queen victoria anna Edward VII United east India company 1/2 pice scarce condition as per picture. no bargaining. only serious coin collectors are welcome to contact me and take away from home.

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