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Faisalabad (Punjab)
Dear Stamps Lovers, I have been collecting a beautiful range of antique and rare stamps from all over the world Specially from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA and other European countries. mostly are 60 years old. Now I am not spare to carry on it so I want to hand over someone who has a great interest and will keep them very care fully. I will give it for very low price to real stamp lover. Rizwan Wahid
collection a country and places wise Name them:: India Bangladesh America Mexico Africa Nigeria Barcelona Nepal Meonjodaro Dubai Sudan Oman Turkey Afghanistan United Arab Emirate Iran Ghana Anguilla Zanzibar Tanzania Kenya Maharishi Los Angeles China Nippon Malaysia Europe (Some) First think Every person habit the any purchasing 2nd hand Begin by determining the age of the stamp. Stamps generally do not have a date, although the approximate age is usually simple to discern by the design. Look for telling details, such as historical figures and the color shading of the paper. Determine the country of origin, and take note of other important design aspects, such as the centering of the stamp image, the size of the perforations around the edges, and any cancellation markings or tears that might diminish worth. Then, search for the stamp in a reputable stamp publication, which should give an idea of the value Non-damageable Successfully mission dealing my place check 1st after pay Cell No want to check full gallery so please contact me:)
Kasur (Punjab)
1- Sufi barkat ali -Imprint block of 4====Rs -Hocky world cup -imprint block of 4== Rs -pakistan post office -imprint block of 4=Rs -benazir bhatto -imprint block of 4====Rs -decate of saarc -imprint block of 4===Rs -qudrat ulla shahab -trafic light block of 4=Rs -scientific expedition -imprint block of 4== Rs -philatilac exhibition -with all 4 gutters== Rs 400/-

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