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21 British indian coins above 100 years old 1 spencer 1981 1 confoederatio helvetica 5FR 1970 1 fifty pence 1997 110 pence2014 1 tow pence 1 one pence 1 one cent 1 south Africa Rand 1986 1 south Africa coin 1968 1 south Africa coin 1990 1 south Africa coin 1966 1 south Africa coin 0970 1 south Africa coin 1990 1 10 sen malaysia 2014 1 Bahrain 50 flice 1992 1 uae Dirham 1 uae 50 Flice 1 Fifty Euro cent 2002 1 indian 20 paise 1984 1 indian 50 paise 1985 1 Arab 10 Qurshan 1 pk ptcl tocken 2 pk coin 25,50 paise 1 dutchland10 pence (dameg coine) 1 china coin 1 china coin Total 50 coins cargo all over pakistan
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Ancient British East Africa Coin Mombasa Year for Sale, Urgent Bayer Required. Only Seriously Intrested Persons Contact as early as possible.... Rs.
Lahore (Punjab)

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Seller Type: An Individual Condition: Used Price: Ancient British East Africa Coin Mombasa Year for Sale, Urgent Bayer Required. Only Seriously Intrested Persons Contact as early as possible.... Rs. Call me at: .
Lahore (Punjab)

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I want to sale my coins collection that having 50 coins of different 47 countries of the worlds some antique as well as other coins list is as followed: Bermuda British Hong Kong Bulgaria Crosia Czech Republic Hungry Portugal Yugoslavia Norway Libnon England Turkey Afghanistan Indonesia Romania Iraq India Iran Saudi Arabia Greece Sri Lanka Finland France Egypt Singapore UAE Jordan Russia Oman Euro Thailand Netherlands Algeria USA Belgium Austria Australia South Africa Taiwan Spain Mexico
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2 war medals of british army belong to world war 2. first one is the medal of war, second is the africa star. both are without ribbon. l. sample pics are attached below. only serious buyers may contect plz. thnx


20 Different Countries coins America UK France South Africa Iraq Iran Saudia Arabia British India Korea Nepal Jamaica Kenya Philpanas Romania
Lahore (Punjab)

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Value: 10 Cents Meysl: Bronze Diameter: 30.1 mm Mint 1936 Country: East Africa British Colony.
Thatta (Sindh)


Value: 1 Schilling Weight: 7.8g Diameter: 27.8 1958 Ruler: Queen Elizabeth II Country: British East Africa
Karachi (Sindh)


Plant Name: Tagetes patula nana French Marigold Alumia Vanilla Cream Product Code: PK-T0003 Packet Content: ± 10 Seeds Seed Type: Untreated Seed Year of Expiry: Feb, 2020 Seed Manufacturer: Floranova Seed Manufacturing Origin: United Kingdom Product Description: Tagetes patula nana, French Marigold Alumia Vanilla Cream is a striking British bred variety with its unique, lemon yellow blooms. This shade of colour has never seen before in French Marigolds. The short, branching plants have a neat uniform habit that is ideal for planting en masse. Marigold 'Alumia Vanilla Cream' gives a superb garden performance, flowering over a long period and attracting pollinating insects to its blooms. The culmination of a lifetime of superior breeding, Alumia is a new French Marigold series from David Lemon, the premier breeder in the world today. Mr. Lemon put 50 years of experience to work in creating a large-flowered, strong-stemmed, utterly lovely anemone-flowered series of marigolds that will all reach the same height and bloom at the same time in garden or container. Vanilla Cream is the show piece of the series, sporting a never-before-seen hue of pale primrose-yellow in the central cluster of petals, surrounded by lighter cream petals. The anemone form gives these blooms a two-tone look, because the shorter petals in the center are clustered together, creating a darker effect than the surrounding wide-open petals. This French Marigold is a herbaceous ornamental annual plant, though native to Mexico and Central America, has been naturalized in many other warmer regions worldwide. Tagetes erecta were the first marigolds that were introduced into Europe and India in the 16th century from Northern Africa, hence the common name African Marigold. Since then, hundreds of cultivars have been created. Marigold Alumia Vanilla Cream seeds come in a re-sealable plastic bag/ package (hand-written labels) and are of the highest possible quality. Latin Name: Tagetes patula nana Family: Asteraceae Genus: Tagetes Species: patula nana Cultivar: Alumia Vanilla Cream Common Name: Marigold 'Alumia Vanilla Cream', Tagetes patula, French Marigold Sunlight: Full Sun Plant Classification: Annual, Half Hardy Annual Height: ± 30 cm Spread: ± 35 cm Planting Distance: ± 30 cm Hardiness: 2°C Germination Rate: 83% Germination duration: ± 21 days Sowing temperature: ± 22°C Sowing Depth: ± 0.5 cm Planting Instructions & Care: Detailed planting information and instructions are emailed to the customers. Delivery Charges: Please note delivery charges are not included in the price. Approximate price for delivery is PKR 100.00 per 180 grams package. Once the order is placed, we will confirm the order and location with each customer. Payment: We accept bank deposits only. Details are provided upon confirmation of the order. Disclaimer: Seller will not accept any liability for failure and/or damage as a consequence of incorrect and/or inexpert cultivation by or on behalf of the Buyer.
Bahawalpur (Punjab)

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