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Karachi (Sindh)
I am here to train you in this business: We are here to explain you this business with facts: In this beautiful business, there is no investment, so there is no risk. Oriflame: Ori is a Greek work which mean Victory: so Oriflame mean “The Flame of Victory “ Oriflame is a Swedish Cosmetics Brand with 100% Natural Products. I will guide you to look great, make money, and have fun. Oriflame products are: Natural derived from fruits, vegetables, roots, plants, and herbals. No Side effect, human friendly, not tested on animals. 100% satisfactory results. Use unique products to look great. All types of Cosmetics: Skin Care, Fragrances, Color Cosmetics, body care and hair cares. There are 2 ways to earn money with Oriflame. Immediate Profit: Oriflame give 20% flat discount on all products: So You can earn the difference between catalogue price and member price: Catalogue Price = For Customers Discounted Price= for member so you can earn as you can perform. For more earning: Make a team of your friends. People who join Oriflame with your reference is called your team, so the greater the team = the greater will be earning. E.g. Make a team of your close friends, relatives and facebook friends to join Oriflame. This is just an example, you can earn as much as you want, but the main thing is proper planning with actions. Oriflame Rewards: Oriflame Cash Awards: Rank wise, when your team grows and become strong then your designation change time to time and you will get cash awards every time on new designation. 1st Cash award: 75,000 and last cash award:50 lac. Bonuses: Oriflame leadership bonuses: International Tours: 3 international tours every year. Have Fun: Friends, Seminars, meetings and trainings, International Tours, Local Tours and Local Dinners. Join now, feel free to contact me, inbox your message,I will provide you full details. Mrs.Nuzhat Naseem Cosmetics and Beauty Consultant Consultant number: 625163 03366875623
Karachi (Sindh)
All kinds of animals treatmen,vaccination, dogs eir cuting, cat hair cuting, Views: 73

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