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Need male/female clinical psychologist Anwaar Medical Center (AMC) Gulzar e Qaed near Airport.... Residence & Mess.... also available
21 Dec
Rawalpindi (Punjab)


Do you feel depressed since your Child lacks concentration in Education and scoring very Poor Marks? Don't worry - We are there for you to make your Child progress - It is a mere metamorphosis - Contact immediately and the details are below. - ST. Johns School, Coimbatore has a Superb solution to it. If our children scores poor Marks - How we react - depressed, started scolding them, sometimes beating them - sometimes consoling them but feeling much bad inside - Why My child is like this? While entering into the school campus where you ward study - there is lots of fear in us to face the Class teacher - because anyways, they are going to blame us clearly - why you are not making your children study? If this is your experience so far, we would like to say one strong word to you i.,e EVERY PROBLEM HAS A SOLUTION. We at St.Johns Matriculation Higher Secondary school enjoys this process and doing the same as a Mere Service since we feel, every child has inside an Exceptional Ability as in-built mechanism. But without marks, what every the ability is being possessed - what is the Purpose???? Fine - A superb system backed up with Energy raising, confidence soaring, Memory enhancing, Performance doubling concepts available with us to Fine Tune and extract the Best from the Children. If your child is currently getting failed in one or two Subjects, week in Mathematics or English or Language - Come to us and take our Support through our Triple-effective schooling system which has made Many tenth standard Students and +2 Students score more than 90% Marks (Previously they used to get failed and were scoring only % Marks - PLENTY OF MIRACLE EVIDENCES AVAILABLE) and be happy and proud to get such a Beautiful, confident, the Most brilliant child ever. In one year, there is a highly noticeable difference, in the second year - there would be a tremendous difference - in Third year - No question can be raised - the Child would have reached the LADDER OF VICTORY BY THEN. Contact us as we are Parents Friendly and MUCH, MUCH INTERESTED IN CREATING A SUCCESSFUL GENERATION which indeed is GOING TO MAKE INDIA - AS THE MOST POWERFUL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Ms. Vandhana, Ms. Malathi, Ms. Mini Counseling Psychologist, social activist, senior co-ordinator Email Id: web: www.pearlseducation.com Mob:
12 Dec
Hyderabad (Sindh)


Behaviour Issues in YOUR CHILDREN - In IX, X standards as well XII - The Children are not listening to the Parents, screaming, shouting etc, while you give them instructions?? - As Parents - You are much worried about their future ??? - Somehow you want your Wards to secure the Highest Marks in XII Std as the Cut-off Marks would decide their future Right? Nothing to worry - Contact us for residential admissions - Having a Psychology oriented Coaching System which heals the kids and help them coming away from their negative thoughts - Motivational workshops would mould the kids from to Ordinary to excellence - If you wanted to see your Children much disciplined, Scoring more than % percentage - CONTACT IMMEDIATELY. Residential School Admissions would be available only for a shortwhile. As we have a Panel of Psychologists who are interested in helping the kids and shaping their future and feeling all children could equally do wonders if being taken care with attitude, attention and Dedication. IF MAKING YOUR CHILDREN WINNING THEIR LIFE AND EXCEL IN ALL AREAS is your lookout - talk to us / sms us based on your needs . You can also email for residential school admissions to . Contact Person Ms. Vandana, Ph. D., in Psychology.
10 Dec
Hyderabad (Sindh)


Psychological Disorders * Alcoholism * Washing Hands * Checking Door time to time * Concerns * Anxiety * Depression * Drug Addiction * Fear & Phobia * Internet & Mobile Addiction * Lack of Discipline * Obsessions * Martial Disorders * Smoking * Behavioral Disorders We also have Female Psychologist for Female Patients. Call me at: .
28 Nov


Our school St. Johns Matriculation Higher secondary school situated at Coimbatore has an exclusive Divisional Allocation to give the required Backup and the Most needed extra support to sculpt the Children in the right, positive and the most successful way. The child would show remarkable improvement in one year and extra-ordinary improvement in the second year and would be absolutely awesome in the third year. Many children who had been diagnosed as Hyperactive have secured the best cut-off Marks in XII std and everyone would be surprised if you will say them, My child was Hyperactive once upon a time. We believe firmly every child could be successful in life and need the Parents also believe that. We intend to create a DIFFERENCE IN EDUCATION as well would like to treat All children equal and wanted to carry the Pains of the Parents on our Shoulders during necessities as a RIGHT SCHOOLING SYSTEM is only that. Welcome to contact us via the following Nos only:. Ms. Vandhana Ms. Vandhana, Ms. Malathi, Ms. Mini, Counseling Psychologist, Social Activist, Senior Co-ordinator Email Id: Visit us at www.pearlseducation.com/hyper-children.html for more info.
03 Nov
Hyderabad (Sindh)


Nothing to Worry. Divine, Holistic Meditation Yoga and occupational speech, Akarshane therapies and lots more would give your wards the best life and potential you are looking forward. As we have very limited opportunities, if you need your child to win / come up awesome and you literally went for lots of therapies and still haven’t got the right development?? HURRY: Because a tender age only will help the children to develop and if years are getting lost – the life and future of your ward will be in trouble. A school for kids with Best speech therapy and assured speech improvement for hyper active / autistic kids is what you want? Admission in the Residential school is available. Many hyper active kids / mild autism kids will communicate in split words and won’t be ready to hear us and communicate. Many children who are autistic just create sounds and scream to situations and also will convey only what they want and never like to us and oblige. Those kids have to come out of this issue through an exclusive, result oriented therapy system which guarantees kids with special needs to speak like regular kids. Ultimately the kids will read and write and speak like other children relevant to their age and dyslexia issues would be taken out and there will be a guaranteed result for those who abide the rules and terms of the Institution. CALL US FOR GUIDANCES / ASSISTANCE / ADMISSIONS:- Ms. Vandhana, Ms. Malathi, Ms. Mini Counseling Psychologist, Social Activist, Senior co-ordinator Email Id: web: www.pearlseducation.com Mob:
25 Oct
Hyderabad (Sindh)


Cash On Delivery Available Now Any Where in Pakistan At Your Door Step Few Pieces Valid Offor Buy It Save Your Life For More Information Call Our Cell Number
19 Aug

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Rawalpindi (Punjab)

Rs 3.000


Offenses Promoting Civil Disorders!!! If You Want to Know the End, Look at the Beginning. The Nation's leading Forensic Psychology, Science Centered Jury Research, Trial Graphics, Litigation / Persuasion Technology Consulting and Forensic Animators @ Law Firm. Sophisticated Corporate Clients, as well as Government Agencies; Animators at Law has helped generate favorable decisions in cases having staff consists of Attorneys, Experts in Trial Graphic Design, Animation, Interactive Development and experienced Project Managers have worked at a major law firm. The design team at Animators specializes in the art of information design and trial graphics. Not just another "new media" firm, Animators at Law was founded by attorneys to serve the legal community in a way no other firm has in the past. By combining attorney management, traditional artists and new media artists under one roof, we create an unmatched talent pool perfectly suited to major law firms and corporations. Put simply, we know the law, and we know how to make complex and boring information interesting and understandable for a judge, jury or the general public. We are the experts in trial graphics. Implementing Family Inclusive Intervention Investigation within Forensic Advocacy. "Structured Foundation For Innocences" An Equal Opportunity Defenders Accredited MINDS Optimizing BRAINS Studying Attitudes & Mapping Violence. The Post-Conviction process is in place to protect Innocent individuals from inherent human error in the Criminal Justice System. MentalHealthPakistan.Org Accredited MINDS — Optimizing BRAINS For The Present Tense “Fetal Alcohol to Alcoholism Spectrum Disease, Narcotics Drug & Psychotropic Substances Abuse Inpatient / Intensive Outpatient Detox & Rehab House, Addiction Denial Behaviors Counseling For Change, Effects of Serious Psychiatric Illnesses On Felony / Misdemeanor Offenses, Forensic Mental illness Civil & Criminological Disorders Law Courts Family Inclusive Interventions in lieu of Convictions and A Centre for Peace in Health Care & Back Channel Diplomacy”. Integrated State-of-The Forensics Psycholegal Principles Attorney-Client Privilege Administration Board of Criminal Justice, Disciplinary and Malpractice Wing That Wins Statutory Draft Code of Practice to Empower Digital Natives. Clinical Negligence Solicitors, Medical Legal Consultants, Expert Witnesses & Reciprical Referral Relaters! Specializing in providing Plaintiff and Defense Attorneys with Medical-Legal Consulting and testifying Medical Expert witnesses; providing all services from medical record analysis to deposition and testifying. Working for both Plaintiff and Defense Attorneys and feel strongly about defending Physicians who have not breached standard of care and protecting those patients who are victims of legitimate malpractice. Additionally, we connect Attorneys with Physicians of all specialties to help them navigate and win their Medical Cases. We tried virtually every kind of lawsuit, from complex commercial cases to white collar defense. With our success in courts around the country, we have expanded our Practice Forensic Advocacy. Our experienced trial lawyers in both cities are ready to work with you on cases nationwide. Strategic Solutions in Clinical & Digital Forensics Psychometric Profiling in Legal framework within Criminal & Civil Cases Evaluations, An Equivocal Forensic Analysis Crime from a Scientific Perspective, Professionals in many fields from Law Enforcement to Nursing, Integration of materials from many sub-disciplines including Criminalistics, Victimology, Crime Reconstruction, Produce Succinct & Coherent Reports are submitted on time & comply with the forensic law during the course of an Investigation & Argumentation, Deposition / Preserve of Vital Physical & Potentially hazardous Forensic Evidences For Trial's and Experts Conveying Results with easily understood in Courtrooms / Boardrooms / Screening Rooms Eyewitness Testimony and Graphics. “We don’t seem to want to work with dirty Crime Sciences. The organic takes you to a much finer spatial scale of Resolution”. You'll never know what you never knew. Don't make that mistake because sometimes doing your best is not good enough; sometimes you must do what is required. "He who does not expect the unexpected will not detect it"- Contact us today. Professionally & Natively yours, INAMULLAH ANSARI Justice & Forensics Consultant. https://twitter.com/ForensicsLawyer (An Innovative Adjunct To Innocences) Strict Forensic and Scientific Frontiers. http://www.opprtunity.com/r/LM5juhM https://pk.linkedin.com/in/ForensicsAdvocate "Truly Clinical Trial Lawyers. Not Settlement Lawyers” https://www.facebook.com/groups/ForensicsAdvocate PTCL (+9221) 34388088 / 34388089 / 34200586 / 34200587. Cells +92320LAWYERS (5299377) / +923332244634 / +923002176393. Resolution & Regulation Forensics Advocate Sindh High Court Karachi. Projects Director Pakistan @ Khair For Families Organization Australia. Expert Witness, Back Channel Diplomat & Criminological Interventionist. Standing Counsel @ Treatment & Rehabilitation Centres for Victims of Torture. Google Verified Registered Corporate Headquarters and State-of-The Mental Health Arbitration Attorney-Prospect Privileges Structured Forensic Psychology & Medico-Legal Integrated Board Consulting Chambers Driving Directions @ Rehab Block-10, Gulshan-e-Iqbal; Suite # 1/6—A, Ground Floor b/w American Centre / Rangers Chowki & Nursery Fly Over, Commercial Area, Mohtarma Laeeq Begum Road, Off Main Shahrah—e—Faisal, Block—6, PECHS and Sindh High Court, Karachi—Pakistan.
11 Apr
Karachi (Sindh)

Rs 10.000


Respected viewers around Oxfordcadets is serving the humanity since 1990 Need ther services of Professional subjects specialists Ladies / Gents Teaching staff for Oxfordcadets school located in J Block Gulberg iii Lahore Pakistan To fulfill the new session which is expected wef 4rth April our institution need the Teaching Staff interested and willing to teach different subjects are welcome to apply Ladies Gents for nursery to matric grades' interested may send their cv on oxfordcadets dot com our institute name Oxfordcadets institute J Block Gulberg iii lahore near liberty Oxfordcadets Institute requires the professional for its morning, evening and late night academic session' only persons willing and interested for a long run in teaching profession for different subjects have to apply, they must be skilled and have a dynamic personalities, willing and interested living or residing nearby or close to Firdos market Liberty Cavalary Ground area and d block main market or near centre point population may apply for these current posts of teaching staff Men or ladies with their pre expertness of well reputed colleges organization and schools are most welcomed visitors are not allowed to apply only interested should mention their previous experience wherever they taught before in their resume while sending to us on mailing address oxforcadets dot com ! Teachers who have a little bit pre experience of teaching mentally retarded slow learning and weak base epileptic kids with aggressive behavioral, ruined spoiled and overage children interested are required to send their resumes on w w w oxfordcadets dot com one who is interested to ask any sort of question before visit us may call us or send their mail in mailing address and you may send your message on the below mentioned numbers and you will be updated on the same date sms 3 1 6- 4 5 5 1 2 5 5 or call us on whatsap +923 3 3 4 6 3 3 9 9 0 & jaz +923 0 7 4 4 7 7 9 9 0 regards from Saba Hayat (administrator) Oxfordcadets j block gulberg iii Lahore
28 Mar
Lahore (Punjab)



Most Respected Viewers/ parents and Students ! We a team of professional psychologist are ever avaialable to serve you call us for any problem' Get proper suggession' Feel free for other curies and as well family problems solutions one may ad us on skype id : oxfordcadets We also prepare your child for such online competitive Test and Interview Being a PSYCHOLOGIST what do we do to enable our students for such Test preparation ? we have to groom one's skills so that in such test attempting they get an outstanding marks In these tests psychological approach of the candidate is filtered through following tests. Psychological Tests 1.Sentence Completion Test In Urdu 25 incomplete sentences in Urdu are to be filled in by the candidate with in limited time. 2.Sentence Completion Test In English 25 incomplete sentences in English are to be filled in with in limited time. 3.Word Association Test In English (100 Words) 100 words are played on projector the time gape between two words is 9 t0 10 seconds and the candidate have to make a sentence with in time. 4.Story Writing In English (2 or Three stories) Pictures are displayed on projector for 30 seconds and you have to think a story and 3 minutes are provided for story writing. Tips The main goal of short time is to calculate the actual mental approach of the candidate so your approach should be positive while solving the test. Do not think negative or write down any negative sentence or word in psychological tests Regards from' Oxfordcadets J Block Firdso Market Gulberg iii Akhtar Hayat (Ex PAF) SMS On 342 3/7/2//5/1/2/9 jaz 307 4/4/7/7/9/9/0 whatsap (U)333 4/6/3/3/9/9/0
28 Mar

Rs 10.000


Facing Problems in Children Students / Viewers & Respected Parents ! ​What do you think ? Is your child in any disorder & is showing no performance you expect have you tried to change their schools/ academies and even Tutor and is but still weak in Urdu or English Language or other subjects ? Is there any handwriting or understanding problem And will be failed in the coming Exam ! Be Heard ! We are here give you written Guarantee and will show you an outstanding result you expect in 2 days individual class attendance here ! Let join them to recover their URDU & English Linguistics skills We have a variety of Experts' Subject specialist and Result Oriented Ladies Gents Faculty of well know institutions, We Explore Hidden iQ-skills in Special & Slow learning Mentally Disable/ Epileptic/Cognitive/Agressive behavioral and the Children with iQ & Or Physical Mental Disabilities/Deficiencies See an outstanding output result with in a couple of days in your Ni/Spoiled Base & weak/overage Children of any age ! Male/Females / He Or she of any age or Needy /office going workers & Even the persons facing problem in Specially Handwriting /Linguistics & Spoken may contact ! Feel free to contact us for further information if you are interested Let join us See more possibilities of learning Learn amazing logical ways Moms may join us to help out their youngs ! They will be equipped and Developed with the skills they need for their new age children to run in their school fellows We are here in lahore Gulberg iii since 1990 specifically prepare children Who are interested to appear in any competitive Test We have amazing modern ways which will change your such child's learning you will see a great change with in days with our Unique Techniques and Amazing Logical & Scientific Teaching ways through which learner enjoy & inspire to learn' we develop their inner soul interest & will power' a learner can only be motivated when his spirit is inspired they can be only focused by this way for their future aim that is only the reason they take interest in learning more and one may see them doing all task practically Oxfordcadets Develop a child for O & A Levels Final Test/Exam All Pak Forces Selection online iQ Test (PMA ) PAF Air Men Avionics AD & GD Pilot) Basic Final test ISSB Interview\Selection PN Selection Embassy / Airport Security Forces ASF CIA FIA ATC FIC PIA CAA Air hostess Test one may contact us for online learning classes on our Skype oxfordcadets and or Whatsap +92 333 /46 /33 / 990 Needy parents may Get Home Tutor for lahore all areas for Quick Recovery More at Zero 3 4 2 - 3 7 2 5 1 2 9 Oxfordcadets J Block Gulberg iii Lahore ! Akhtar Hayat (Ex PAF) Regards to you all
28 Mar
Lahore (Punjab)

Rs 10.000


Home Physiotherapy Services For All Area,s of Islamabad...Physiotherapist Available For Home Visit To Treated the Stroke , Sciatica Pain , Cerebral Palsy , Parkinson's , Muscular Dystrophy, knee Pain , Cervical Pain , Low Back Pain Treat all the Conditions with Physiotherapy At ur,s Home...03335368481 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Home-Physiotherapy-Nursing-Services/807459142616963?fref=ts
11 Feb
Islamabad (Islamabad Capital Territory)

Rs 1.000


Moalims.com is offering student counseling services to help university, school and college students to reach their personal, career and academic goals. If you are worried about your career choice please feel free to contact us. Our professional counselors and psychologists are always there to help you. Confidentiality is guaranteed. Parents of slow learner child can also contact us. Website: http://www.moalims.com/StudentCounseling Phone no.03453034934 Email: adeeba@moalims
08 Feb
Gujranwala (Punjab)

Rs 400


We are Manufacturer and Exporter of all kind of Surgical (General surgery ,orthopedic) and Dental instruments. if you have any kind of requirements feel free to share your with us. Thanks and wish you all the best Regard Sheryar Haider
01 Feb
Sialkot (Punjab)

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