Ad details Furnished: No Pets: No Broker Fee: Yes We have All Size Plots Available. Trusted Name Fair Deal . Especial discount For oversea Pakistanis..========================================= G-10/2 Corner Plot size Dem 225 lac. ==== F-8/3 Corner Plot Dem 830 lac == PTV Colony three Side Coner Plot just 45 Lac. === I-10/4 Corner Plot# ?? Size Dem 105 lac. === I-14/4 size P # 227 Dem lac I-14/2 size P# 823 dem 31 lac === I-14/1 size Plot # 226 M dem Just lac i-14/1 size Plot# 149 park face level plot dem 27 lac. i-14/4 size Plot # second to corner level near to service road final lac I-x60plots for sale in I- Islamabad Sector: I-14/4.Size:25x60, Plot # Demand 47lac Sector: I-14/2.Size:25x60, Plot # 415 Demand 33lac Sector: I-14/1.Size:25x60, Plot # 685 Demand 39 lac Sector: I-14/1.Size:25x60, Plot # 436 Demand 34 lac Sector: I-14/1.Size:25x60, Plot # 432 Demand 35 lac I-x50 plots for sale in I- Islamabad Sector: I-14/1.Size:25x50, Plot #-c Demand:31 Lacs Sector: I-14/1.Size:25x50, Plot # 194 Demand:25 Sector: I-14/1.Size:25x50, Plot #225-c Demand:28 Sector: I-14/1.Size:25x50, Plot # 188 Pindi FaceDemand:27 Sector: I-14/1.Size:25x50, Plot #k Demand:30 Sector: I-14/1.Size:25x50, Plot # Demand:30 Sector: I-14/1.Size:25x50, Plot # Demand:28Lacs ======================================== 30x60 plots for sale in: I-14/1,: I-14/2,: I-14/3,: I-14/4, Islamabad I-14/4 Plot # final 31 lac basement plot nice location I-14/4 Plot# H second corner level final 32 lac. Sector: I-14/3.Size:30x60, Plot #742 Demand:43 Sector: I-14/3.Size:30x60, Plot #G Demand:42 Lacs Sector: I-14/3.Size:30x60, Plot # Demand:40 Lacs Sector: I-14/2.Size:30x60, Plot # Demand:33 Lacs Sector: I-14/4.Size:30x60, Plot # Demand:45 Lacs Sector: I-14/1.Size:30x60, Plot # 356D Demand: 35Lacs Sector: I-14/2.Size:30x60, Plot # Demand:35 Lacs Sector: I-14/2.Size:30x60, Plot # Demand:30 Sector: I-14/3.Size:30x60, Plot # Demand:40 Sector: I-14/2.Size:30x60, Plot # Demand:31 Sector: I-14/2.Size:30x60, Plot # Demand:31 Sector: I-14/1.Size:30x60, Plot #798 Demand:52 Sector: I-14/4.Size:30x60, Plot # Demand:84 Sector: I-14/2.Size:30x60, Plot # Demand:38 Sector: I-14/2.Size:30x60, Plot # Demand:33 Sector: I-14/2.Size:30x60, Plot # Demand: Sector: I-14/ 2.Size:30x60, Plot # Demand:30 Sector: I-14/4.Size:30x60, Plot # 339 Demand:32 Sector: I-14/3.Size:30x60, Plot # 736 Demand:38 Sector: I-14/4.Size:30x60, Plot # Demand:42 Sector: I-14/4.Size:30x60, Plot # Demand:41 Sector: I-14/1.Size:30x60, Plot #870 Demand:42 Pindi face ================= I-16/2 size Plot # 37 Corner dem 36 lac === I-16/4 size plot# Dem lac Each. I-16/4 size plot# 522 dem 23 lac. I-16/4 Plot# Corner Size Dem 25 lac. We have much more option for you... Just call us for more detail Future Vision Corporation (Peace Of Mind)


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