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Morning Noon Evening Sessions at JASH INNs Cavalry Ground. How to speak a real English? Tefl certified Uk is speaking to you as a specialist of IELTS, Spoken,TOEFL, TEFL, spouse city and guilds. You know, speaking English fluently is more a question of the psychology of English speaking than it’s that of your knowledge of the language. Fluency comes from the cultural familiarity with the language or, in other words, being at home with the culture of the language at the level of having verbally interacted enough to one or more of those who are fluent enough to induce the same fluency in your speaking pattern through interaction with them. The main challenges that people face when they want to know how to speak English fluently are: 1. Lack of Spontaneity -You think twice before you take an action. The same trait of your personality controls your action of speaking as well. It’s not only that you think twice before you start speaking, it’s also that you think twice before you speak every single sentence during the conversation. Why do you do so? The reasons may be many, though a few of them are: *.a.You are not at home with the very basic syntax of the language, so you need time to structure your next sentence before you speak it out. *.b.You are not at home with the cultural idiom of the language so you need to structure your sentences based on the rules of the syntactic grammar, which obviously never gets done on the spur of the moment as you are in the middle of speaking out the content of thought in your mind. *.c.You think twice because you are psychologically apprehensive about your command over the language, but you don’t really want to give this impression to the person you are speaking to. It generally happens so in the third world commonwealth countries in which speaking GOOD English defines your ‘class’, it being a status symbol in those societies. It not only makes you think twice, it also makes you go nervous in case you are not able to cope with the pressure of speaking GOOD English fluently AND correctly. It all ends up in your speaking not only much less fluently but also much worse in quality than you technically could have done if you were not under such a psychological pressure. You just fail to know how to speak English fluently and execute the same into action. What’s the way out? How to speak English fluently when you are a victim to the lack of spontaneity? How to speak English fluently requires you to be ready to spontaneously speak wrong English (and discover you never went wrong!) if you really want to be fluent at whatever level you presently are as far as speaking English is concerned. Only serious students,who need to get learnt. Call for info. Approach us at: JASH INNs Cavalry Ground.47 Near MCB Lahore


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How to speak English?|Native accent|At JASH INNs Cavalry
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