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Pest Control Services We are providing Services for Mosquitoes Dengue Spray.

Our services are as under.

1. Termite Proofing
2. General Fumigation
3. Lawn & Garden Spray
4. Anti Bed bugs Treatment
5. Rodent Control
6. Anti Wood Borer Treatment
7. Mosquitoes (Dengue) Treatment
8. Water Tank Cleaning.

Wood Borer Treatment:

Anobiid borers are more serious and attack softwoods, especially varieties of pine (although very rarely do they attack the common Pinus radiata). Like Iyctids, anobiids are widespread throughout Australia. The Anobium punctatum species especially loves Baltic pine, commonly used 40 to 140 years ago but still occasionally used for floorboards and weatherboards. The "Queensland pine" anobiid Calymmaderus incisus located from northern NSW and farther north has a similar love for Hoop pine. Anobiids tend to channel along the grain of the wood, making the odd 2mm pinhole and leaving large quantities of loose gritty dust with a texture of fine table salt. They are capable of eating for years and will happily chomp away anonymously under the carpet. Be suspicious if your floorboards get spongy as this is a common area for them to attack. You will probably first notice the floor feeling spongy at one end of a large room (like the living room) because a big floor area will deflect more noticeably. Also be aware that second hand or antique furniture, or old floorboards may contain borers, so examine such articles well before introducing them into the house. Anobiid damage must always be attended to. Homeowners have sometimes stopped infestation by removing all significant borer-infested timbers and replacing them with non-susceptible timbers, then monitoring the results. Such treatment is only worthwhile if sub-floor humidity is simultaneously reduced, because borers thrive in damp conditions. Humidity can be reduced by removal of debris, increasing sub-floor ventilation (cleaning out vents and possibly adding more) and draining damp soil where necessary.


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